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"Amanda is an accounting genius. She has made my life SO much easier and I cannot thank her enough. She is a delight to communicate with, prompt and professional. She is also incredibly accommodating and patient with the likes of non-accounting savvy folk such as myself. Every stupid question and mess-up was responded to with kindness and calm. Do yourself a favour - get her on your team."

Kyla De Graauw

"Amanda is friendly and capable. A wonderful combination. She’s efficient and no question is too silly! Since getting her on board as my accountant I feel like a weight has lifted. She’s also funny and keeps me amused which definitely helps! I’m not sure how I coped without her. I was so daunted by my first ever tax return and Amanda has made it effortless! Would definitely recommend. I’m a psychologist with a few different strings to my bow and she just runs with the different aspects of the finances in the business and I feel like she’s part of my team."

Dr Marianne Trent

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London City

"I find tax time quite stressful usually. HMRC might as well be talking another language but this year after hiring Amanda on the recommendation of someone else I have found it ...I’ll stop short of pleasant and settle instead on easy. Wish I’d found her earlier. She’s warm, knowledgeable and inspires your confidence. Can’t recommend enough!"

Dr Kaja Gregory

"I really can’t recommend Axe Valley Accountancy enough! I am not sure how I ever functioned before I found them. So friendly, easy to talk to in plain English, extremely helpful and very knowledgeable. They really do go the extra mile and make me feel like nothing is too much trouble. I wouldn’t go anywhere else "

Yasmine Willcox

"An accountancy company that cares and likes to help with my business needs."

Martyn Burr

"Yes I do 100%. Axe Vale Accountancy. Have trusted Mandy, for many years now. No worries, a very caring and patiente attitude towards her clients."

Mary Turner

Birmingham Canal
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